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Doctors Charity is a not-for-profit organization that helps doctors and other healthcare workers contribute their skills and resources to better the lives of people living in Africa who have poor access to healthcare.

It further provides a means through which Africans in the Diaspora and people in the developed world can directly impact the lives of Africans on the Continent, thereby midwifing a renaissance period that will usher in a rebirth of the Continent.

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We are dedicated to providing medical care and resources to the economically disadvantaged

The Feral Chicken

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Africa the beautiful

Africa the Beautiful

Africa is faced with numerous challenges. Some of these challenges manifest themselves in various ways including, but not limited to, hunger, poverty, poor infrastructural development, lack of basic amenities, corruption, and tribal wars. The aforementioned, together with the dearth of skilled healthcare workers (which has been worsened over the years by severe brain drain from Africa to the Western world), are responsible for the poor health indices in Africa as evidenced by the alarming rates of preventable deaths and disabilities all over the continent. In spite of all this, our view of Africa remains unchanged. It is that of a continent that is immensely blessed by nature with great climate, abundant natural resources and beautiful scenery everywhere one goes. Most importantly, Africa is blessed with brilliant, talented and hardworking people who are doing great things all over the world. One of the major objectives of Doctors Charity is to bring together Africa's rich human resources, both home and abroad, to unite in developing our motherland.

Participate via Telemedicine

Doctors Charity uses information technology to connect qualified healthcare workers, who wish to volunteer their time and skills to alleviate the health issues that plague the continent of Africa, with the people who need such services. For these volunteers who are unable to leave their jobs to travel for onsite medical intervention, Telemedicine offers the perfect avenue for them to do so. Working with their free time and schedule, Doctors Charity can schedule consultation appointments with them and patients in Africa, thereby efficiently meeting the same goals.

Ihotu Telemedicine Clinic in Nigeria is a major partner in this regard.

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